Julia Hayashi | Artist Statement
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Artist Statement

Julia Hayashi | Watercolors

Moments in people’s lives are what capture me for the subject of my paintings. A favorite resource for my inspiration are those candid shots posted on FB that most of us snap while we’re with our family and friends. These unplanned casual photos are glimpses into people’s lives, and often catch them being most like themselves. It’s that spontaneity and freedom I love when people are not posing but just living in relationship with each other. Maybe it’s their special place or even with their favorite pet whichever the case,  I love to capture these “connections” with my paints.

The direct, straight forward conversation of my work, doesn’t require the viewer to discover deeper meaning or wrestle with a difficult interpretation. People, who like my paintings, often say they connect with my subjects, which triggers sweet sentimental feelings and smiles. My work is enjoyed at first glance, but it’s the back stories that I love to hear and share with others about my work.

Kim Johnson and Mel Stabin, watercolor artists, have been influential in the development of my own style. Their loose paint quality and confident use of colors inspire me as a continual bench mark for my future success. I am an emerging artist and it feels great to know who I am right now in my career. This gives me permission to experiment with different types of materials to see works out best for what I want to achieve in my paintings. “You have to want it more than you are afraid of it”, and at this point in my life, I am afraid of that blank sheet of paper every time I approach a new painting. But because I want it, I grab my favorite squirrel brush and throw down that first wash.  The fear goes away and I know this is what I’ll be doing for a very long time…with gratitude knowing this is my heart’s desire.