Julia Hayashi | Finding My Voice
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Finding My Voice

Finding My Voice

Since launching my website in December of 2015 I have been in a place of trying to find my artistic voice. I have been practicing the craft of watercolors getting time in on just painting and becoming more familiar with my paints. I have not focused at all on marketing and although I have done a few commissions I have mostly been painting for practice. Sometimes it has seemed I am going no where , or backward even and have had thoughts that maybe I had some beginners luck with a few of my first pieces that came out so well. But I continue to try to find the images and content that I connect with and bring a cohesive portfolio.
Through this process I have learned what I do and don’t like to paint. I find I am continually drawn to, and enjoy, painting people, dogs and interiors. Sunny spots that I would love to take a nap in particular.
I originally did not want to paint posed portraits opting instead for candid photos off facebook or Instagram. By Posed I refer to the ones we think of when looking at portraits in the museums- plump ladies and pasty white gentlemen with blank stares and costumes of the times when portraiture was fashionable for the elites. However after some time and study of these portraits I have a new respect and understanding of the poses and compositions. I get that the color pallets and lighting set mood and reflecting the character of the sitter. I am finding it all very interesting and thinking that I actually could try to translate those practices to create my own modern versions of a more casual portrait. My voice to create portraits in a classical timeless sense. What would that look like? I realize that if I were to commission a portrait I would want it to stand the test of time and rise above the style of the day, the colors of the year….it would have to be a fit for any home, any time. A challenge for sure.
It’s time now to focus. I have played around with content, and scanned images reviewing and analyzing other artists for long enough. I’m excited by having had the chance to explore, and now I’m excited for the excavation of something specific. Portraits. Although in that one word there are a thousand ways to go….the elders, the littles, the individuals, the families, the impressions, the realities, the theatricals…..lots more filtering to narrow my way. Which IS part of the process. The journey which I am on.
I will be posting finished pieces here on the website, and if you want to ride along join me on my instagram account Hayashi_Watercolors where I post frequently.

Julia Hayashi

I am who I am, and doing what I do in part because I am part of an amazing disconnected group of people who have encouraged me and believed in me when I started talking about this. I am certain that this is what I am supposed to being doing with this stage of my life. I am grateful to my creator, who I believe is is an artist himself and delights in helping us with our own creative pursuits.

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