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Long Way Home

Long Way Home

Why I painted this.

Actually a friend of mine sent me this image and said, “This looks like a Julia! You should paint this”. She got permission from the photographer, a gal up in the Bay area Emily Nelson, and I painted it for one of my class projects.  I did love the image, The playful dappled light contrasting with the granite wall of the building. My own memories of the boys riding their tricycles and getting tired half way home. Sweet special memories indeed.

My painting strategy and special techniques

I wanted this to be a loosely playful piece so I really tried not to over define with my tracing. I decided to use salt to get the granite speckels and some of the shadow dappling on the sidewalk.  My palette is light with the tricycle as the focal point, as it is the brightest and most intense part of the painting.

Why I love this painting

I love this painting because it accomplishes my goal of capturing a little moment in life. I feel like looking at this painting I am walking myself behind this little boy, enjoying the warm summer day and looking forward to getting home to take naps.

How you can have this for your home, pre-school office or Pediatric waiting room!

This original painting is available for sale as well as prints. Please contact me if you are interested in the original. To purchase a print follow this link to www.Fineartamerica.com

©Julia Hayashi 2015

Julia Hayashi

I am who I am, and doing what I do in part because I am part of an amazing disconnected group of people who have encouraged me and believed in me when I started talking about this. I am certain that this is what I am supposed to being doing with this stage of my life. I am grateful to my creator, who I believe is is an artist himself and delights in helping us with our own creative pursuits.

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