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Ellies Journal

Julia Hayashi | Watercolors

Ellies Journal

Ellies Journal  16”x 19 3/4”

Why I painted this.

Ellie and I crossed paths and walked a bit together while she was going to a local college and volunteered with YoungLife, an organization I worked for before I did this. She took a semester off and traveled around the world with her school and along the way experienced life in all its different levels. She was with a group of kids who chronicled all of their adventures with some great photos of Ellie and the other students. I was attracted to paint this picture of Ellie because looking at the picture I felt like I was there. I could imagine myself, sitting writing in the shade and speckled lighting, trying to process all my experiences. For a moment I was Ellie. I don’t travel at all. I love seeing the kids’ pictures who do get to travel, but Ellies pictures have somehow drawn me in more than others. There are many I think would make really nice paintings, maybe…. more to come.

The Process.

I started this painting wanting it to be loose and soft. I wanted to capture the feel of the old wooden window, the chipped stucco, and the rural setting with minimal brush work. Before I started I set out a book written by Mel Stabin. The cover had a picture of one of his paintings that was very loose, and few but intentional hard edges. I set it out to remind me not to get too caught up in the detail. I painted standing at an upright easel and with my bigger mop brushes.  This was one of the fastest paintings I have done to date. It pretty much painted itself.  Gosh I love it when that happens!

MY FAVORITE BRUSHESSilver Black Velvet, Jumbo Round, #4 Round, and #16 Round

What I love about this painting.

I love that I think I achieved what I set out to, and that it is not overworked. I love that when I look at it, I am drawn into another world.  I can see this painting hanging in an old house belonging to a writer. In a cluttered room next to a big cozy chair, filtered light streaming in through a wooden window and a child looking at it wondering. Where do you see it hanging?

How you can get one for your writer’s house?

You can order a fine art print at www.FineArtAmerica.com

©Julia Hayashi 2015


March 4, 2015


The Art of Reflection