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On Our Way

Julia Hayashi | Watercolors

On Our Way

On our way. 12 ½”x16 ¼”

Why I painted this.

Need anyone ask? These two cuties grabbed my attention immediately. The lighting and shadows on the sidewalk and hair and on their sweet dresses was to good to pass up. And those feet. Oh my gosh! I loved this picture from the first time I saw it.

Let me tell you about the process.

I have a painter whose style I love. Her name is Kim Johnson ( www.kj.art.com ) and I when I grow up I want to paint just like her. I went to her studio in Pheonix and this was the picture I brought to paint while there. She helped me paint the girls hair and skin tones on arms and then let me at the rest of it.  When I came home I painted a second version and I added a background and splashes. Kim has been known to throw a bit of paint at her work…and I like that so I thought I‘d try it. I am pleased the way it came out.

My advice to you.

If you see a style you like study it. Go visit the artist. Look for more of that style. And then leave it. Ultimately you will develop your own style. AS much as I want to paint just like Kim, my stuff always turns out to be ‘a Julia’. I just can’t help it. I mean I try to copy Kim. I think about what she said and I try to apply it. The more I paint the more I see it’s best to let my own personality and style form my form my work.  Best advice eve given to me was, “Julia. You just be you.”  So much easier.

Where they are now.

Mom and dad have the paintings of the girls now.   I gave them to them which I am compelled to do a lot! HOWEVER, if I want to keep painting. I can’t keep giving my work away.

Just a thought  (On selling my art and becoming a “not starving artist”)

Even if it is a piece that I consider a learning project if it turns out nicely it has value to somebody so I am learning I need to let them purchase it. It will have more value to them if they pay for it. The portraits I have of my boys were done while the painter was still taking lessons and she was amazing and didn’t know it yet. I got a good deal on her work, but she still charged a respectable fee. To me those paintings are priceless and I have NEVER once felt like I should not have paid that much for them.

How you can get your own fine art print:

If you would like a portrait of your little cute thing I would love to paint one for you. If you want a fine art print of these two cute things you can purchase one at:


©Julia Hayashi 2015


March 4, 2015


The Art of Childhood