Julia Hayashi | Self Reflection
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Self Reflection

Self Reflection

Self Reflection  14 ¾ x21 ¾”

Why I painted this.

I seem to have a thing for people taking pictures. No shortage of that these days. But this is my son and this is a picture of himself he took in the mirror in our living room.  I was drawn to this image of him because he used to take a lot of pictures himself exhibiting his newest look. But this one is not on a timer, he actually shows himself taking the picture of himself, which is something he does. Tory is good at photography and capturing moods and moments. He told his own story here and I wanted to paint that.

Why this composition.

I didn’t paint the other parts of the reflection that might have given more clues to the fact that it is a reflection because I like the modern feel of just his image.  The white space balances out his left centered image and forces the eye to be drawn into this moment in Torys life. Telling the story with one swoop of the eye.

Up for discussion.

1.       When is it better to leave an image without the background and when is it necessary to add it?

2.       The only real clue to this being a reflection is the reverse Nikon letters. Should they have been in sharper focus?

Why I love this.

I really love the green brown color palette contrasting with Tory’s skin tones. The play of light and shadow and slightly blurred watery look are perfect for a watercolor painting.  I can see this with a white mat in a black box frame hanging in a library type room.

Where is it now.

Of course I gave the original to Tory.

 If you would like a Giclee fine art print for you own collection of artists painting photographers you can purchase one at:


©Julia Hayashi 2015



November 18, 2015


The Art of Reflection