Julia Hayashi | Twirling
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Julia Hayashi | Watercolors


Twirling 14 ¾ x21 ¾”

Why I painted this.

Oh my gosh,…. twirling! What a moment. Simple joys. Dragging your toes through the hot sand. Off in your own world in your simple childhood thoughts. Meant to be captured.


Size matters.

This is a small 5×7” format. This is a bedside painting, or maybe a part of a gallery wall in your daughter’s bedroom. Most of my paintings have been large, but this really is meant to be small and I love it this way.


Part of a series I hope to market.

I have this idea for a series called I got your back. I LOVE my boys back and kids backs and everybodys backs. People walking away or in front….says so much, lots of stories there. So if you have a back picture you want to preserve I’m your gal for that!

If you would like a Giclee fine art print for you own collection of artists painting photographers you can purchase one at:


©Julia Hayashi 2015

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March 4, 2015