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Tara & Mikey

Tara & Mikey

Tarah and Mikey 15×22”

Why I painted this.

When I see a photo sometimes I immediately think that would make a great watercolor. This was the case with Tarah and Mikey. I love the flirty way Tarah is looking a little coy while Mikey is doing his best to impress her with his guitar at this impromptu jam-sesh. These two have been great friends for years at this point and have a great chemistry. I felt the joy of hanging out with a best friends and goofing around taking pictures of when I saw this and knew I wanted to paint it. I don’t even think you have to know these two to enjoy the moment. Maybe it even inspires a momentary memory of the carefree moments in highschool hanging out with your friends.

I totally see this hanging up in a bright modern room with a white frame, possibly on a brick or rustic wood wall. Maybe this or something like it in your daughter’s room of her and her friends. These are my favorites to paint…they almost paint themselves!

Why I love this painting.

I love Tarahs eyes and all the fun light washes in her skin tones. Mikey’s face just makes me smile, and I like the  playful looseness of  my brush strokes in his hands and around the guitar.

Where you can get you own print of this:


Julia Hayashi

I am who I am, and doing what I do in part because I am part of an amazing disconnected group of people who have encouraged me and believed in me when I started talking about this. I am certain that this is what I am supposed to being doing with this stage of my life. I am grateful to my creator, who I believe is is an artist himself and delights in helping us with our own creative pursuits.

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