Julia Hayashi | Welcome
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JuliaWelcome. My name is Julia Hayashi. I’m excited that you stopped by my website. Somehow you heard about me, hopefully through a friend, and you asked if I had a website where you could see my work and learn more about the possibility of us working together.  Thanks for doing that and checking me out, because that’s the first step in working together.


A metaphor for life for me is that of a journey. I like to think we are born with a travel bag full of things we will need to do things that bring others and ourselves the most life. Our work along the way can and should somehow bring joy into the world. I also know that on our journeys there are stories to share and remember. For instance I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister and an artist. All of those roles have been journeys in themselves but together they make up my story.  I’ve been pulling stuff out of my bag for years that I have needed, used and enjoyed. But I am just getting the part of my journey where I have the opportunity to pull out of my bag some of things I haven’t used yet. You might have noticed artist was listed last on my list. It’s because it has been a journey of its own for me to discover that indeed, that is a part of who I am. And that there were things in my bag, like paintbrushes that I had overlooked and wasn’t using. Like a squirrel hair mop paint brush for watercolors. What the heck is that for?

2014 was my year to discover why it was in my bag. That was part of my journey and story. That was an adventure actually. I signed up and took some watercolor classes, and turns out, that brush and I make a pretty good match. It’s a great brush, I love it! I discovered that using that brush I can paint pictures which bring smiles to people. I love that. Who knew?  I’ve always been an encourager, and now with this brush I can create art that encourages others to live a hopeful and inspired way. I have discovered I can use my brush to help others live in a way that celebrates their journey and their stories. A way that encourages quiet smiles when remembering little moments of their life. Memories shared and recalled because they have been captured in watercolor and have become a piece of art they walk by every day in their home or office.

I’m happy to be here at this point on my journey and in my story. And grateful for the opportunity to meet new people and to use what I have been given and what I am learning. I have a guide. I have direction, but it’s a journey. I’m learning as I go and I’m inviting you and others in to be a part of my journey and story.  Coming with me? Good. I need you.

What I paint.

Little and big moments. Caught moments, captured on film, or digitally, unsuspectedly by friends or family. Non-traditional portraits of people or places or things that bring a joy and a smile deep inside when viewed by knowing people. For the unknowing- a sense of curiosity, a smile, a connection with something familiar. My biggest joy as an artist is creating a piece of art and seeing the smiles and sweet tears of my clients, who are now my new friends, when I show them the final piece. That’s why I do this and I want for you.


You probably have questions. So snoop around my website and see if you think you’d like to take a little art making journey with me. If that sounds like  an adventure you’d like to take please contact me. My hope is at the end of a couple weeks YOU will end up with a treasured piece of art and captured memories from a moment in your personal journey or that of someone you hold dear. And WE will have a great time creating it.