Julia Hayashi | Who’s Irene?
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Who’s Irene?

Who’s Irene?

This is one of those pictures when posted on my friends Instagram I knew would make a great painting. I knew it had to be big a bold and bright.  This photo is of a family friend and when I would show people the painting in progress the first question they asked was Who’s Irene?   I titled it ‘Who’s Irene?’ and that has brought even more intrigue.  The funny thing is a woman contacted me after she saw this exhibited at the OC fair and said Her mother had a coffee cup like that and her name is Irene. We might actually have solved the mystery.

About the process

This painting came together quickly and easily. It was probably the easiest one I have done to date.  Some things are just meant to be. I really don’t have any special comments to make regarding Irene except when you connect to a particular image just go for it, don’t be afraid  of hands faces, eyes- just paint and have fun!

Where this is now

Irene became a gift to Eric Ra, whose image this is. It is not for sale, a one of a kind, just like Eric.

Julia Hayashi

I am who I am, and doing what I do in part because I am part of an amazing disconnected group of people who have encouraged me and believed in me when I started talking about this. I am certain that this is what I am supposed to being doing with this stage of my life. I am grateful to my creator, who I believe is is an artist himself and delights in helping us with our own creative pursuits.

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